Feedback for The Screenwriters Advanced Fundamentals Course 2018

‘Every time I do this class it unleashes a heap of insights on whichever project I’m currently writing’.

Jade Syed-Bokhari, Screenwriter

‘It blew my mind. I've been writing professionally for a few years now and was in a room with writers of all levels from newbies to pros but all of us learned a great deal’

Emma Pullar, Writer

‘It was a brilliant weekend! Facebook friends became real friends and made lots of new like-minded friends. Lucy was awesome and the organisation by Chris and all those who helped to put on the event was fantastic. Really learned so much. Inspiring and informative. Absolutely recommend anyone seriously interested in screenwriting to do this’

Dawn Rose, Screenwriter

‘Lucy is friendly, informative and an excellent, approachable teacher. This was a very valuable weekend’.

Jamie Kutner, Writer

‘An engaging and fun course. Yes it points out where you’re going wrong, but then it gives you the tools to get it right’

Adam Hoare, Writer & Filmmaker

‘Had an amazing weekend at Lucy's fundamentals course! Love being amongst 'my tribe' :) Great to meet people I've spoken to on here in real life’

Jo Ragett, Screenwriter

'Lucy is an amazing and inspiring lady!  Will be coming to more of her classes as I learn so much and remember my passion for scripts. Thank you Lucy!’

Coral Talbot, Script Reader

‘I would highly recommend this course to help in going back to the basic fundamentals and to give your work a new lease of life. It gave me a kick up the bum in regards to focusing my script and to respect that screenwriting is a craft and I must put in the work!’

Robert Bertrand, Writer & Director

‘This course has helped me understand how to improve my writing by identifying my flaws and, more importantly, identifying what I’m doing right’.
Ricardo Bravo, Screenwriter


‘Lucy’s course is inspirational and clarifies all elements of successful spec screenwriting’


Elinor Perry-Smith, Writer & Editor



‘worth its weight in gold’


Emma Pullar, Writer

Feedback for The Screenwriters Advanced Fundamentals Course 2017

‘Lucy is a ‘feet on the ground’ superwoman who has incredible recall of the minute details of thousands of films – amazing!’

Annabel Vine – Writer/Director

‘I have a renewed focus on the craft of writing – how it all connects and what I need to do to stand out on the spec pile. Lucy has a great knack of getting to the core of the issue and clearing up confusion’.

Ellie Rofe – Writer/Producer

‘Lucy makes the hard things sound easy, and she inspires confidence in fledgling writers. She is incredibly knowledgeable, accessible, enthusiastic and, most of all, supportive’.

Carmen Radtke – Writer 

‘I feel I now have permission to tell the stories I want to tell while meeting industry expectations. I always take away at least one thing from any workshop – this weekend has given me multiple pointers I can immediately apply. I love how Lucy is to the point and doesn’t blow my mind with jargon; she always has great examples to illustrate her points’.

Jaye Nolan – Writer

‘Lucy V Hay; protagonist, mentor, Warrior Mum – she’ll crack open your skull, download screenwriting craft, then kick your backside to get on with it!’.

Jade Syed-Bokhari

‘The use of vertical action writing made complete sense and I am employing this method immediately!  With Lucy, what you see is what you get, no ‘arty farty’ bullshit, she tries to keep it simple because obviously we’re not all experts’.

Kevin Bolger – Writer

‘Lucy tells it like it is; not what you want to hear – full respect!’

Alan C Eddy – Writer/Shooter/Director

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